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Name Description Tags Author Stars
RFS RFS (abbreviation for responsive font size) is an algorithm which automatically calculates the appropriate font size based on the dimensions of the monitor or device. font-size responsive rwd automation mixin typography MartijnCuppens 74
scarab-scss Sass utility framework for rapid stylesheet development framework utilities helpers responsive functions mixins variables watchtowerdigital 15
vitals A minimalistic bundle of two tools for building modern, flexible websites: a better normalize/reset and a semantic flexbox-based grid system. reset normalize grid layout flexbox semantic garrettw 2
mozui UI Framework uiframework mozui mozilla@knit mozilla@up MozillaKNITOpenSource 2
Pencil & Fox - Margin and padding classes Stylekit ui grid shaundona 0
Pencil & Fox - Push left grid system Stylekit ui grid shaundona 0
Pencil & Fox - Half grid system Stylekit ui grid shaundona 0
Pencil & Fox - Colour palette classes Stylekit ui shaundona 0
Pencil & Fox - Colour gradient classes Stylekit ui shaundona 0
Pencil & Fox - Colour classes Stylekit ui shaundona 0
susy Sass power-tools for web layout. layout grid responsive rwd semantic oddbird 3761
true Unit testing for Sass. unit-test test sass libsass TDD oddbird 407
entity-sass A Sass function that will output properly encoded entities. sass entity entities function jeremy-green 0
microsoft-scss-colors SCSS/SASS variables for Microsoft Design universal color palette colors color variables microsoft jasonjgardner 0
unlimitedGrid Responsive, fully customizable & mobile first CSS flexbox grid framework / system based on Sass (SCSS), which you never seen before css css-framework css3 flex flexbox flexbox-css flexbox-grid framework frontend grid responsive rwd sass scss ui PixelT 4
scss-assert-directions Map values in clock-wise positions shorthand function directions nicolasmn 0
sass-direction Sass mixins and functions to help creating bi-directional stylesheets. sass direction bidi i18n pierreburel 0
plumber-sass Real baseline grids with SASS css sass scss baseline-grid vertical-rhythm typography jamonserrano 0
sass-lilo Small sass framework to share common styles between css modules. Sass CSS stylesheets DRY mixins components modular utility yoannisj 0
sass-archie Sass modules and utilities to use in a modular css architecture. Sass CSS stylesheet modular modules utilities framework library yoannisj 0