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Knife Nail vertical rhythm, modular scale, and REMs like a boss with this simple set of SASS/SCSS variables, functions and mixins. design ui typography baseline vertical-rhythm responsive responsive-web-design Pushplaybang 1
Guss-rem Transforms any pixel value and group of properties into their equivalent in rem units with a pixel fallback responsive rwd rem graceful degradation guardian 17
sassy-namespaces Namespaces in Sass, minus the headaches. namespaces maps acdlite 4
Girder CSS A simple CSS grid toolkit. A layout helper for building and prototyping modern websites. Its flexible, semantic and responsive. Extra handy for HTML prototypes because its small, fast and easy to use. It can be used with Ruby Sass or LibSass in Node JS. ui grid layout toolkit prototype responsive unmaya 56
sass-hwb A Sass function for the HWB color model colors color hwb conversion ddprrt 0
sass-mediaqueries It is a collection of useful media queries mixins for Sass. Great extension for compass or bourbon. media-queries media queries responsive rwd mixins sass compass bourbon paranoida 680
Thumper Simple Infinite responsive grid system built to work in any web application, CMS, or blog. responsive grid light infinite Robdel12 49
bootstrap-sass bootstrap-sass is a Sass-powered version of Bootstrap, ready to drop right into your Sass powered applications bootstrap grid typography buttons ui responsive-web-design twbs 6929
Sassy Starter A starter toolkit based on Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS (SMACSS) for Sass (SCSS) projects. Do what you'd like with it :) sass starter kit boilerplate mixin library grunt smacss minamarkham 0
SassDoc A documentation tool for Sass. sass documentation functions mixins variables HugoGiraudel 91
Flexy A simple Flexbox layout extension for Compass. sass compass flexbox layout Guilh 0
Pattrn iOS 7 Design cheat Sheet for assisting in rapid prototyping. includes short cuts for resolution & display UI ios 7 prototyping Grid System Iconography Typography SVG imagineux 0
Graphite Graphite imports a folder of fonts and automagically outputs their font-face directives. fonts typography sass ruby import ezekg 0
SassySkeleton A boilerplate for better structured styles based on Sass & Compass. structure boilerplate skeleton lucasconstantino 5
3d-ribbon 3D ribbons using only CSS ui ribbons ribbon dzignus 8
Sass MQ Media Queries, with style. A simple, scalable way to set a common language for your project's breakpoints across team members. media-queries responsive rwd breakpoint breakpoints dry guardian 187
SassyBitwise Bitwise operators in Sass. sass bitwise operators HugoGiraudel 1
SassyExport SassyExport is a lightweight Compass extension that allows you to export an encoded Sass map into an external JSON file. json sass ruby export ezekg 0
sass-sprite-retina-mixins Retina Icons Sprite - Sass Mixins is generator tool for for front-end developers to easily integrate Retina Icons in your website sass mixins retina icon sprite themestent 8
Titon Toolkit A collection of extensible front-end UI components for the responsive and mobile web. titon toolkit css sass scss mootools jquery javascript ui interface framework bootstrap modular component responsive fluid mobile titon 106