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Name Description Tags Author Stars
Emcue An easy-to-use, flexible and fast system to implement common media queries with Sass media-query mixin responsive-web-design indrekpaas 0
Herow Herow, the saving time grid in Sass. grid atomic tzi 8
sass-convert Node.js bindings to sass-convert sass scss css convertion node SassDoc 0
sass-gridlines A Sass mixin that generates grid backgrounds with ease. sass grid background cesarfigueroa 0
fGrid A responsive and customisable grid system for Sass, built to be flexible and small and is suitable for a wide range of projects. grid responsive micro small mixins fullaf 1
Position Simple Mixins For Offsets and Position position layout offsets box-model Undistraction 1
Sassy-Gridlover Super easy to use Sass mixins to establish a typographic system with modular scale and vertical rhythm. Based on the Gridlover app typography baseline modular scale vertical-rhythm mixins gridlover hiulit 68
quantum-shadows Use the drop shadows from Google's Material Design spec in your Sass projects. design ui shadows nickpfisterer 0
quantum-colors Use the color palette from Google's Material Design spec in your Sass projects. design ui colors nickpfisterer 0
Refills Refills are prepackaged patterns and components, built on top of Bourbon, Bitters, and Neat. gui buttons patterns components templates navigation tabs framework elements neat bourbon bitters thoughtbot 878
Neat A lightweight, semantic grid framework built on top of Bourbon neat grid layout columns semantic media-queries media queries bourbon thoughtbot 2237
Bourbon A simple and lightweight mixin library for Sass add-ons animation functions library mixins prefixing thoughtbot 4597
mice Mice is semantic front-end framework. mice grid typography buttons ui responsive-web-design miclle 0
SassyBeam A Sass mixin to deal with a “BEM-like” notation and a simplified HTML markup mixins modular bem smacss thierrymichel 0
SassyBreakpoint A simple breakpoint mixin is just all you need! media breakpoint mixins functions toolkit SASS SassyFramework 1
front-end-template Starter front-end template using Gulp, Sass, Foundation and modular JavaScript sass mvcss gulp browserify foundation tjFogarty 0
FixedNav A simple fixed navigation style extension for Compass fixed navigation responsive navigation mobile navigation Kennard 0
Sass Mixins and Function Collection best of Sass Mixins and Function.If you have seen good and meaningful Mixins or Functions, please send us your code.Let more students share your results. mixins functions helper airen 69
Compass Fluid Video A Compass extension for making fluid videos. video, fluid, embed, responsive stursby 0
Bitters Scaffold styles, variables and structure for Bourbon projects structure variables forms buttons typography flashes thoughtbot 630