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FixedNav A simple fixed navigation style extension for Compass fixed navigation responsive navigation mobile navigation Kennard 0
Sass Mixins and Function Collection best of Sass Mixins and Function.If you have seen good and meaningful Mixins or Functions, please send us your code.Let more students share your results. mixins functions helper airen 69
Compass Fluid Video A Compass extension for making fluid videos. video, fluid, embed, responsive stursby 0
Bitters Scaffold styles, variables and structure for Bourbon projects structure variables forms buttons typography flashes thoughtbot 630
refills Refills are prepackaged patterns and components, built on top of Bourbon, Bitters, and Neat. gui buttons patterns components templates navigation tabs framework elements neat bourbon bitters thoughtbot 774
monkee-mixins Just a simple collection of useful SASS mixins and functions from Monkee-Boy. sass mixins functions css monkeeboy Monkee-Boy 1
applepie Semantic and Modular SASS toolkit ui sass modular framework semantic railsware 168
Easy Sprites Easy spriting with Sass & Compass sprite spriting compass sass paulgabronis 12
button-collection.scss A collection of mixins to create buttons. Made with SASS. buttons, SASS, UI Riccardo-Zanutta 0
Fronty Fronty is a boilerplate for starting new front-end projects. It has sass, and js code structure based on compass and backbone. boilerplate framework compass fronty goschevski 16
skeleton-sass Description of project starting-point foundation framework responsive bower starter kit grids ui atomicpages 35
_animate.scss copy of daneden animate.css based on bourbon animate SeeThruHead 0
SassySVG Sass SVG toolset. svg pascalduez 2
Carousel.sass Simple Carousel Pure CSS Using Sass ui carousel sliders sass dangvanthanh 0
Knife Nail vertical rhythm, modular scale, and REMs like a boss with this simple set of SASS/SCSS variables, functions and mixins. design ui typography baseline vertical-rhythm responsive responsive-web-design Pushplaybang 1
Guss-rem Transforms any pixel value and group of properties into their equivalent in rem units with a pixel fallback responsive rwd rem graceful degradation guardian 17
sassy-namespaces Namespaces in Sass, minus the headaches. namespaces maps acdlite 4
Girder CSS A simple CSS grid toolkit. A layout helper for building and prototyping modern websites. Its flexible, semantic and responsive. Extra handy for HTML prototypes because its small, fast and easy to use. It can be used with Ruby Sass or LibSass in Node JS. ui grid layout toolkit prototype responsive unmaya 56
sass-hwb A Sass function for the HWB color model colors color hwb conversion ddprrt 0
sass-mediaqueries It is a collection of useful media queries mixins for Sass. Great extension for compass or bourbon. media-queries media queries responsive rwd mixins sass compass bourbon paranoida 680