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Name Description Tags Author Stars
type-heading A responsive typography tool for headings responsive typography responsive headings typography responsive typography ellioseven 0
sassyValidation Library for checking SASS data types. validation data-type Skoks 0
sass-material-colors Google's Material Design color palette for Sass/Scss material design colors palette function placeholders extensions classes minusfive 0
Emcue An easy-to-use, flexible and fast system to implement common media queries with Sass media-query mixin responsive-web-design indrekpaas 0
Herow Herow, the saving time grid in Sass. grid atomic tzi 8
sass-convert Node.js bindings to sass-convert sass scss css convertion node SassDoc 0
sass-gridlines A Sass mixin that generates grid backgrounds with ease. sass grid background cesarfigueroa 0
fGrid A responsive and customisable grid system for Sass, built to be flexible and small and is suitable for a wide range of projects. grid responsive micro small mixins fullaf 1
Position Simple Mixins For Offsets and Position position layout offsets box-model Undistraction 1
Sassy-Gridlover Super easy to use Sass mixins to establish a typographic system with modular scale and vertical rhythm. Based on the Gridlover app typography baseline modular scale vertical-rhythm mixins gridlover hiulit 68
quantum-shadows Use the drop shadows from Google's Material Design spec in your Sass projects. design ui shadows nickpfisterer 0
quantum-colors Use the color palette from Google's Material Design spec in your Sass projects. design ui colors nickpfisterer 0
Refills Refills are prepackaged patterns and components, built on top of Bourbon, Bitters, and Neat. gui buttons patterns components templates navigation tabs framework elements neat bourbon bitters thoughtbot 878
Neat A lightweight, semantic grid framework built on top of Bourbon neat grid layout columns semantic media-queries media queries bourbon thoughtbot 2237
Bourbon A simple and lightweight mixin library for Sass add-ons animation functions library mixins prefixing thoughtbot 4597
mice Mice is semantic front-end framework. mice grid typography buttons ui responsive-web-design miclle 0
SassyBeam A Sass mixin to deal with a “BEM-like” notation and a simplified HTML markup mixins modular bem smacss thierrymichel 0
SassyBreakpoint A simple breakpoint mixin is just all you need! media breakpoint mixins functions toolkit SASS SassyFramework 1
front-end-template Starter front-end template using Gulp, Sass, Foundation and modular JavaScript sass mvcss gulp browserify foundation tjFogarty 0
FixedNav A simple fixed navigation style extension for Compass fixed navigation responsive navigation mobile navigation Kennard 0