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guff All the Sass framework you'll ever need ui grid type vertical rhythm prefixes gridding breakpoint breakpoints reset kenwheeler 170
griddo Griddo is a collection of SCSS mixins that helps you build grids. It handles grids and only grids – no breakpoints. grid layout rwd responsive-web-design dry semantic compass kollegorna 9
Sassifaction An opinionated Sass mixin library and starting point. mixins media-queries starting-point opinionated sturobson 165
Breakup Breakup is a Sass component that allows you to create multiple CSS files from a single Sass partial by wrapping your code within breakpoint blocks. It allows you to abstract what your Sass partials folder looks like from what CSS files you create. Because of this you can easily create per-breakpoint CSS files (e.g. base, mobile, tablet and desktop) and fallback files where no styles are wrapped (e.g. for oldIE which does not support media queries). media-queries rwd responsive-web-design dry BPScott 114
CSS Shake Some CSS classes to move your DOM! shake move classes elrumordelaluz 1891
sass-retina-backgrounds Sass mixin for serving high-resolution background-images for retina displays sass retina hdpi retina backgrounds retina background images hdpi backgrounds hdpi background images fmal 1
sass-baseline-rhythm Sass mixins for creating a harmonious vertical rhythm sass baseline grid baseline rhythm vertical rhythm typography fmal 7
Luigi Luigi is the Scss library developed by the developers at Bozboz and the rest of the world. It takes influence from the most popular of libraries and includes most of the popular mixins, plus some extra Bozboz crafted ones layout css3 typography sticky footer grid responsive bozboz 29
Utility Belt A lightweight set of mixins and silent classes for starting any project. tooltips sass scss mixins starter kit responsive sprites shapes dmtintner 300
Typesettings A Sass toolkit that sets type in Ems based on modular scale, vertical rhythm, and responsive ratio based headlines. type vertical rhythm modular scale typography ianrose 218
amie A SASS Mixin Grid System responsive grid-system vertical-rhythm typography jordantrainor 3
SassyStrings A powerful API to manipulate strings in Sass. sass strings string HugoGiraudel 28
SassySort A collection of famous sorting algorithms implemented in Sass. sort algorithm sass HugoGiraudel 46
SassyMatrix SassyMatrix is a powerful API to deal with matrices in Sass. matrix sass HugoGiraudel 26
Wisp lightweight grid Ultra lightweight Sass grid mixins. just 783 bytes. grid sass responsive semantic rwd heisenberg micro-framework EdCharbeneau 8
Animate.sass Animate.sass is a Sass and Compass CSS animation library for WebKit, Firefox and beyond based on the work being done by Dan Eden in Animate.css. sass library compass mixins animate css3 polikin 102
Core Core import some libs that we probably use everytime in our project. So, with Core you don't have to install any gems. Everything is up to date and ready to be import. Susy, Ceaser, GetSkeleton, Jacket, Animate.sass sass library compass mixins susy skeleton ceaser jacket scss polikin 21
Mobile First Scaffold Mobile first scaffold using Grunt and Compass grunt autoprefixer mobile-first responsive singularity tjFogarty 1
Hoisin.scss A simple responsive front end mini framework written in Sass to kick start your web project. rwd grid responsive framework Cyber-Duck 66
Garnish Garnish for your Sassy CSS cocktails. Use it on top of Bourbon, or have it raw. helpers layout style typography paulozoom 40