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patterns General styling patterns in SASS. Provides utility mixins for spacing, alignment and cleanup. utility starter abstraction patterns s12chung 2
PhotoShop Gradient Overlay Translate between Photoshop gradient overlays and CSS linear-gradients. color gradients PhotoShop compass bourbon timhettler 52
YIQ Color Contrast A compass extension that provides a function to determine the lightness of a color in the YIQ color space. (Bourbon compatible) color compass bourbon timhettler 23
SassyJSON SassyJSON is a Sass-powered API for JSON. It provides you the classic json-encode and json-decode directly from your Sass files. We'll leave you the only judges of the point of this. json sass HugoGiraudel 136
Sass List–Maps Polyfill for map (hash/object) data functionality in libsass and ruby-sass < 3.3.x. libsass sass map maps list lists data lunelson 80
Ceaser Easing Shortcuts for different easing equations to use in css transitons and animations. transitions easing animations jhardy 330
lemanz A starting point for all my personal/work-related projects using Sass and Compass. Feel free to pull from anything you like in this repo or not. Additionally includes special JavaScript starting points/libraries like the jQuery plugin SVGMagic, HammerJS, RespondJS and MatchMedia Polyfill. sass compass mixin library boilerplate starter kit bower grunt grayghostvisuals 167
Normalize-scss This is the Sass/Compass version of Normalize.css, a collection of HTML element and attribute rulesets to normalize styles across all browsers. This port aims to use the best partials from Compass to make Normalize even easier to integrate with your website. normalize reset typography design ui JohnAlbin 733
true Unit testing for Sass. unit-test test sass libsass TDD ericam 218
susy Sass power-tools for web layout. layout grid responsive rwd semantic ericam 2581
SassyCast SassyCast is a lightweight Sass library providing a simple API to go from one data-type to another in Sass. cast sass type lists maps numbers strings bools HugoGiraudel 52
compass-helium Helium is a light-weight Compass base, CSS framework for your various web projects. compass helium framework lightweight stephenway 3
compass-ratchet Prototype mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JS components. compass ratchet framework prototype mobile stephenway 18
compass-inuit a powerful, scalable, Compass-based, BEM, OOCSS framework compass inuit framework bem oocss stephenway 143
compass-csscss Easily integrate csscss into your Compass projects by providing a 'compass csscss' command line option. compass cli csscss dry code-quality Comcast 16
compass-csslint Easily integrate CSS Lint into your Compass projects by providing a 'compass csslint' command line option. compass cli csslint lint code-quality Comcast 68
GroundworkCSS GroundworkCSS is a fully responsive HTML5, CSS and Javascript toolkit created by @ghepting groundworkcss groundwork groundwork 2 responsive adaptive front-end framework toolkit grid fluid fractional css javascript jquery sass scss compass autoprefixer cssmin coffee coffeescript uglify groundworkcss 1582
css-spinners Simple CSS spinners and throbbers ui design spinners jlong 179
compass-rails compass rails integration ruby rails compass Compass 548
compass-blueprint blueprint compass extension compass blueprint framework Compass 11