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Name Description Tags Author Stars
compass-rails compass rails integration ruby rails compass Compass 548
compass-blueprint blueprint compass extension compass blueprint framework Compass 11
sassy_hash SassyHash is a Hash extension that is directly injectable into a Sass::Script::Value::Map ruby maps scottdavis 1
responsive-modular-scale A responsive adaptation of the Sass team's modular-scale extension. design ui typography responsive-web-design gakimball 29
Compass Placeholders @extendable %placeholders for common CSS3 code provided by Compass. For example use `@extend %hide-text;` instead of `@include hide-text;` to save file size and speed up rendering. css3 performance code-quality dry hagenburger 88
Sassy Buttons Sassy CSS buttons buttons jhardy 290
Paneful Slide-in panels for holding navigation or content ui menu hatefulcrawdad 15