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Name Description Tags Author Stars
sass-archie Sass modules and utilities to use in a modular css architecture. Sass CSS stylesheet modular modules utilities framework library yoannisj 0
shift A lightweight and powerful tool to work with breakpoints and media-queries in Sass. sass helpers utils breakpoints breakpoint media-queries media-query responsive yoannisj 0
sass-aleksi A collection of Sass helper functions and mixins. sass helpers utils yoannisj 0
sass-aleksi A collection of Sass helper functions and mixins. sass helpers utils yoannisj 0
tune-css A configurable base stylesheet for all browsers and devices. CSS Sass normalize.css normalize.scss fluidity h5bp responsive boilerplate yoannisj 0
useLessPaper useLessPaper : An opinionated Print stylesheet for use on any website. print css stylesheets front-end ui Kevinjohn 0
tasty-burger Build your own tasty burger menu icon just with one line of code hamburger burger menu icon hinok 0
mixins-sass A useful and lightweight mixin library for Sass mixins library animation filters media queries onepx functions rem huanz 36
sass-mercury Mercury - Sass mixins & functions library! functions library mercury mixins agenceepsilon 2
sass-safe-get-function A safe get-function that works in Sass 3.3.x and up compatibility call kaelig 0
mfbs mother fucking bootstrap - a minimal CSS framework typography forms variables normalize xi 0
JustMy.scss Another stupid SCSS framework, but it's just mine. typography grids lists tables blockquotes code buttons forms colors framework kjbrum 2
SCSS-Material-Shadows SCSS Library to implement accurate Material Design Shadows material material design shadows box-shadow prestopasto 0
Condo A tiny Sass grid library grids responsive micro tiny kyleshevlin 0
Soratra - Responsive mixins for responsive typography selector in Sass/Scss - Mixin pour créer de la typo responsive avec Sass/Scss. Scss Typo Vertical Rhythm responsive Compass modular-scale thonymg 0
angled-edges A SASS mixin for creating angled edges on sections by dynamically encoding SVGs. angled edges svg josephfusco 76
sass-mq-build A bit like Custom Media Queries, but in Sass function @media media-queries custom media queries responsive rwd Gradientz 0
sass-rems A SASS function for converting px to rem. rem pxtorem pixel font size sass libsass scss style sass-composer lauriejones 0
sunglass-core A functions library for Sass library mixins functions devatrox 1
Toolkit Think of Toolkit as your swiss army knife for Progressive Enhancement and Responsive Web Design. Those little bits and bobs that make your life easy and you want to reuse throughout projects but never really had a place to put? They're here, and they're designed to make your life happy. toolkit rwd clearfix colors dry fonts parallax rtl center underline ir intrinsic ratios at-import 878