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Name Description Tags Author Stars
sass-planifolia Vanilla Sass helper functions math color contrast a11y helpers libsass xi 0
sass-dry DRY your SASS code. dry dryer dynamic extend dynamic placeholder extend factorize mixin placeholder sass ngryman 0
helpful-helpers An opinionated collection of mixins and classes for sass helpful helpers mixins classes kuatsure 1
gulp-sass-image gulp plugin for providing the compass imagehelper functions to node-sass enviroments node-sass compass gulp npostulart 0
Sass MQ Media Queries, with style. A simple, scalable way to set a common language for your project's breakpoints across team members. media-queries responsive rwd breakpoint breakpoints dry sass-mq 759
sass-deprecate Deprecate with confidence ui refactoring quality css salesforce-ux 11
pineapple-sass A must-have Sass mixin library for all your Sassy needs mixins library transitions animations transforms filters media queries ArunMichaelDsouza 18
sass-config DotConfig for SASS dot-config sass scss config zgabievi 0
bem Collection of BEM Mixins & Helpers bem sass scss mixins helpers zgabievi 2
sass-cubic-bezier-bounding-box A Sass function to get the bounding box of a cubic bézier easing bounding box cubic bézier backspace 0
core-css Powerful Essential CSS Framework css framework reset normalize typography sebastian-software 0
sass-config-manager A dot-syntax configuration (Map) library for Sass (mixin / function). config settings manager map library sass-projects 1
support-for A module for Sass module developers to ease conditional browser support. browser support JohnAlbin 0
typeset.css Helps inform your typographic choices, without dictating—as much as possible—your visual design. css sass scss responsive typography typographic baseline style opentype stormwarning 0
sass-yiq Create more natural color contrasts sass color contrast timhettler 0
Fotsy Sass Bem Description of project Scss BEM Selector resposive thonymg 0
sass-composer Compose CSS from SASS files using Node's algorithm to resolve `@import` statements. Plus more goodness. sass composer import libsass scss style node watch npm require browserify digitaledgeit 2
sass-grid A responsive grid built on flexbox. grid rwd responsive flexbox sass libsass scss style npm import sass-composer digitaledgeit 0
sass-breakpoints SASS mixins for named breakpoints. breakpoint media query named sass libsass scss style sass-composer digitaledgeit 0
sass-ems A SASS function for converting px to em. em pxtoem pixel font size sass libsass scss style sass-composer digitaledgeit 0