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Name Description Tags Author Stars
true Unit testing for Sass. unit-test test sass libsass TDD oddbird 407
entity-sass A Sass function that will output properly encoded entities. sass entity entities function jeremy-green 0
microsoft-scss-colors SCSS/SASS variables for Microsoft Design universal color palette colors color variables microsoft jasonjgardner 0
unlimitedGrid Responsive, fully customizable & mobile first CSS flexbox grid framework / system based on Sass (SCSS), which you never seen before css css-framework css3 flex flexbox flexbox-css flexbox-grid framework frontend grid responsive rwd sass scss ui PixelT 4
scss-assert-directions Map values in clock-wise positions shorthand function directions nicolasmn 0
sass-direction Sass mixins and functions to help creating bi-directional stylesheets. sass direction bidi i18n pierreburel 0
plumber-sass Real baseline grids with SASS css sass scss baseline-grid vertical-rhythm typography jamonserrano 0
sass-lilo Small sass framework to share common styles between css modules. Sass CSS stylesheets DRY mixins components modular utility yoannisj 0
sass-archie Sass modules and utilities to use in a modular css architecture. Sass CSS stylesheet modular modules utilities framework library yoannisj 0
shift A lightweight and powerful tool to work with breakpoints and media-queries in Sass. sass helpers utils breakpoints breakpoint media-queries media-query responsive yoannisj 0
sass-aleksi A collection of Sass helper functions and mixins. sass helpers utils yoannisj 0
sass-aleksi A collection of Sass helper functions and mixins. sass helpers utils yoannisj 0
tune-css A configurable base stylesheet for all browsers and devices. CSS Sass normalize.css normalize.scss fluidity h5bp responsive boilerplate yoannisj 0
useLessPaper useLessPaper : An opinionated Print stylesheet for use on any website. print css stylesheets front-end ui Kevinjohn 0
tasty-burger Build your own tasty burger menu icon just with one line of code hamburger burger menu icon hinok 0
mixins-sass A useful and lightweight mixin library for Sass mixins library animation filters media queries onepx functions rem huanz 36
sass-mercury Mercury - Sass mixins & functions library! functions library mercury mixins agenceepsilon 2
sass-safe-get-function A safe get-function that works in Sass 3.3.x and up compatibility call kaelig 0
mfbs mother fucking bootstrap - a minimal CSS framework typography forms variables normalize xi 0
JustMy.scss Another stupid SCSS framework, but it's just mine. typography grids lists tables blockquotes code buttons forms colors framework kjbrum 2