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Name Description Tags Author Stars
SCSS-Material-Shadows SCSS Library to implement accurate Material Design Shadows material material design shadows box-shadow prestopasto 0
Condo A tiny Sass grid library grids responsive micro tiny kyleshevlin 0
Soratra - Responsive mixins for responsive typography selector in Sass/Scss - Mixin pour créer de la typo responsive avec Sass/Scss. Scss Typo Vertical Rhythm responsive Compass modular-scale thonymg 0
angled-edges A SASS mixin for creating angled edges on sections by dynamically encoding SVGs. angled edges svg josephfusco 76
sass-mq-build A bit like Custom Media Queries, but in Sass function @media media-queries custom media queries responsive rwd Gradientz 0
sass-rems A SASS function for converting px to rem. rem pxtorem pixel font size sass libsass scss style sass-composer lauriejones 0
sunglass-core A functions library for Sass library mixins functions devatrox 1
Toolkit Think of Toolkit as your swiss army knife for Progressive Enhancement and Responsive Web Design. Those little bits and bobs that make your life easy and you want to reuse throughout projects but never really had a place to put? They're here, and they're designed to make your life happy. toolkit rwd clearfix colors dry fonts parallax rtl center underline ir intrinsic ratios at-import 878
singularity Singularity is a next generation grid framework built from the ground up to be responsive. What makes Singularity different? Well, a lot of things. Singularity is based on internal ratios instead of context based which allows for better gutter consistency across breakpoints. Ratio based math also allows for non-uniform grids in any unit you want to use. grids rwd responsive-web-design dry at-import 1436
breakpoint Breakpoint makes writing media queries in Sass super simple. Create a variable using a simplified syntax based on most commonly used media queries, then call it using the breakpoint mixin. Breakpoint handles all of the heavy lifting, from writing the media query itself, to handling cross-browser compatibility issues, so you can focus on what's important: making sure your website looks its best. media-queries rwd responsive-web-design dry at-import 1635
sass-planifolia Vanilla Sass helper functions math color contrast a11y helpers libsass xi 0
sass-dry DRY your SASS code. dry dryer dynamic extend dynamic placeholder extend factorize mixin placeholder sass ngryman 0
helpful-helpers An opinionated collection of mixins and classes for sass helpful helpers mixins classes kuatsure 1
gulp-sass-image gulp plugin for providing the compass imagehelper functions to node-sass enviroments node-sass compass gulp npostulart 0
Sass MQ Media Queries, with style. A simple, scalable way to set a common language for your project's breakpoints across team members. media-queries responsive rwd breakpoint breakpoints dry sass-mq 759
sass-deprecate Deprecate with confidence ui refactoring quality css salesforce-ux 11
pineapple-sass A must-have Sass mixin library for all your Sassy needs mixins library transitions animations transforms filters media queries ArunMichaelDsouza 18
sass-config DotConfig for SASS dot-config sass scss config zgabievi 0
bem Collection of BEM Mixins & Helpers bem sass scss mixins helpers zgabievi 2
sass-cubic-bezier-bounding-box A Sass function to get the bounding box of a cubic bézier easing bounding box cubic bézier backspace 0