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sass-sprite-retina-mixins Retina Icons Sprite - Sass Mixins is generator tool for for front-end developers to easily integrate Retina Icons in your website sass mixins retina icon sprite themestent 15
Titon Toolkit A collection of extensible front-end UI components and behaviors for the responsive and mobile web. titon toolkit css sass scss jquery javascript ui interface framework bootstrap modular component responsive fluid mobile behavior titon 922
Color Helpers A collection of color helpers (and some related math helpers). Handles HSL to HSV/HSB conversion, calculation of contrast (and warnings for worst case scenarios) and estimation of semi-transparent colors – everything to make it easier and more fool-proof to implement a target design and in the end get as good of a design as possible. color voxpelli 37
Sassline Set a responsive typographic modular-scale to a baseline grid easily with Sass and rems starting-point type typography vertical-rhythm media-queries breakpoints responsive mixins designbyjake 468
Entity A Sass function that will output properly encoded entities sass entity entities function jeremy-green 4
spinners A Sass mixin to generate pure CSS3 loading/busy indicators sass compass ui spinner loading busy indicator franzheidl 13
compass-retinator This Compass extension will allow you to create retina ready sprites from scratch sprites retina icons restorando 11
SassyIcons Flexible system to manipulate icons, SVG, PNG, sprites. icons svg png sprites hidpi pascalduez 101
Saffron A simple sass mixin library for animations and transitions mixins animations transitions css3 gem colindresj 115
Base.Sass Awesome Extensions For Sass Sass Extensions Powerful Mixins jsw0528 54
Flint Flint is a highly advanced Sass grid framework designed for rapid responsive development. Only one mixin. No bloat. Completely semantic. grid-system grid-framework framework ui grid layout flint breakpoint breakpoints semantic responsive-web-design ezekg 214
SassyFilters Cross-Browser configurable CSS-SVG filters. filters svg pascalduez 18
Sunglass A mixin and functions library for Sass library mixins functions grids shadow devatrox 109
Sass Burger A Sass mixin for creating hamburger icons. ui burger hamburger navicon icon mixin jorenvanhee 289
Sumogrid Yet another normal grid with full customization. grid scss customizable layout visualcookie 3
Tipsy Sass A mixin tooltip css using Sass sass scss tooltip mixins dangvanthanh 42
sassy-glyph Glyph is a small extension that will convert a special character to it's CSS hex value for use in :before and :after pseudo content. glyphs pseudo content symbols jhardy 6
Archetype Archetype is a Compass/Sass based framework for authoring configurable, composable UI components and patterns. The natural language syntax that Archetype provides allows designers and developer to discuss UI compositions using the same vocabulary. styleguide framework ui components design archetype compass linkedin 94
Quotation Marks I18n quotation marks for Sass quotation marks typography i18n hagenburger 53
Modernizr mixin A simple way for DRYier, faster and cleaner Modernizr tests in Sass. modernizr mixin helper browser features compass javascript danielguillan 196