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Name Description Tags Author Stars
SassyTester SassyTester is a minimalistic function tester in Sass. sass scss function test unit test HugoGiraudel 0
SassyIteratorsGenerators Iterators and generators implementation in Sass. sass scss iterator iterators generator generators HugoGiraudel 8
SassyGradients A powerful wrapper to handle CSS gradients in Sass. sass gradient gradients css scss HugoGiraudel 16
SassyLogger A powerful logger to handle error and warning messages in Sass. sass scss log error warning css HugoGiraudel 6
SassyBitwise Bitwise operators in Sass. sass bitwise operators HugoGiraudel 10
SassyStrings A powerful API to manipulate strings in Sass. sass strings string HugoGiraudel 28
SassySort A collection of famous sorting algorithms implemented in Sass. sort algorithm sass HugoGiraudel 46
SassyMatrix SassyMatrix is a powerful API to deal with matrices in Sass. matrix sass HugoGiraudel 26
SassyJSON SassyJSON is a Sass-powered API for JSON. It provides you the classic json-encode and json-decode directly from your Sass files. We'll leave you the only judges of the point of this. json sass HugoGiraudel 136
SassyCast SassyCast is a lightweight Sass library providing a simple API to go from one data-type to another in Sass. cast sass type lists maps numbers strings bools HugoGiraudel 52