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Name Description Tags Author Stars
microsoft-scss-colors SCSS/SASS variables for Microsoft Design universal color palette colors color variables microsoft jasonjgardner 0
sass-planifolia Vanilla Sass helper functions math color contrast a11y helpers libsass xi 0
sass-yiq Create more natural color contrasts sass color contrast timhettler 0
sassy-palette Sass color palette color palette css scss sass Skoks 1
sass-named-colors A Sass micro-library featuring 1,500+ named colors color colors colour colours palette synapticism 1
rocket Rocket is a powerful SASS library to help web developer handle layout, color and other components. css mixins scss sass grid color type breakpoint javascript ganlanyuan 2
sass-hwb A Sass function for the HWB color model colors color hwb conversion ddprrt 2
Color Helpers A collection of color helpers (and some related math helpers). Handles HSL to HSV/HSB conversion, calculation of contrast (and warnings for worst case scenarios) and estimation of semi-transparent colors – everything to make it easier and more fool-proof to implement a target design and in the end get as good of a design as possible. color voxpelli 37
PhotoShop Gradient Overlay Translate between Photoshop gradient overlays and CSS linear-gradients. color gradients PhotoShop compass bourbon timhettler 52
YIQ Color Contrast A compass extension that provides a function to determine the lightness of a color in the YIQ color space. (Bourbon compatible) color compass bourbon timhettler 23