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Name Description Tags Author Stars
Sassdash The Sass implementation of lodash. A large collection of thoroughly-tested utility functions. utility toolkit tools function functions maps lists davidkpiano 121
SassFunk A collection of Sass utility functions sass lists maps colors scss utilities helpers franzheidl 1
sassy-namespaces Namespaces in Sass, minus the headaches. namespaces maps acdlite 11
Sass List–Maps Polyfill for map (hash/object) data functionality in libsass and ruby-sass < 3.3.x. libsass sass map maps list lists data lunelson 80
SassyCast SassyCast is a lightweight Sass library providing a simple API to go from one data-type to another in Sass. cast sass type lists maps numbers strings bools HugoGiraudel 52
sassy_hash SassyHash is a Hash extension that is directly injectable into a Sass::Script::Value::Map ruby maps scottdavis 1