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Name Description Tags Author Stars
sass-mediaquery-singleline SASS Media queries on a single line media query queries responsive mixins frontend compass css sass scss media-queries media-query rwd GregoriSoria 1
sass-mediascreen Sass media queries mixins for checking group of devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) or device by name (iPhone 5, iPhone X, iPad Pro 12.9, etc). Expandable and very simple for usage. css sass scss compass mixins media screen queries mediascreen media-screen mediaquery media-query mediaqueries media-queries responsive adaptive gvozdb 0
technoart No more custom CSS - All in one CSS framework for developing clean, professional & responsive web app. css sass js all-in-one framework clean professional responsive web app simple reliable no-dependencies technoprodev 1
@scarab/core Sass library for rapid stylesheet development design tokens design system library framework utilities helpers responsive functions mixins variables kyleoliveiro 21
RFS RFS (abbreviation for responsive font size) is an algorithm which automatically calculates the appropriate font size based on the dimensions of the monitor or device. font-size responsive rwd automation mixin typography MartijnCuppens 74
scarab-scss Sass utility framework for rapid stylesheet development framework utilities helpers responsive functions mixins variables watchtowerdigital 15
susy Sass power-tools for web layout. layout grid responsive rwd semantic oddbird 3761
unlimitedGrid Responsive, fully customizable & mobile first CSS flexbox grid framework / system based on Sass (SCSS), which you never seen before css css-framework css3 flex flexbox flexbox-css flexbox-grid framework frontend grid responsive rwd sass scss ui PixelT 4
shift A lightweight and powerful tool to work with breakpoints and media-queries in Sass. sass helpers utils breakpoints breakpoint media-queries media-query responsive yoannisj 0
tune-css A configurable base stylesheet for all browsers and devices. CSS Sass normalize.css normalize.scss fluidity h5bp responsive boilerplate yoannisj 0
Condo A tiny Sass grid library grids responsive micro tiny kyleshevlin 0
Soratra - Responsive mixins for responsive typography selector in Sass/Scss - Mixin pour créer de la typo responsive avec Sass/Scss. Scss Typo Vertical Rhythm responsive Compass modular-scale thonymg 0
sass-mq-build A bit like Custom Media Queries, but in Sass function @media media-queries custom media queries responsive rwd Gradientz 0
Sass MQ Media Queries, with style. A simple, scalable way to set a common language for your project's breakpoints across team members. media-queries responsive rwd breakpoint breakpoints dry sass-mq 759
typeset.css Helps inform your typographic choices, without dictating—as much as possible—your visual design. css sass scss responsive typography typographic baseline style opentype stormwarning 0
sass-grid A responsive grid built on flexbox. grid rwd responsive flexbox sass libsass scss style npm import sass-composer digitaledgeit 0
purecss-sass Pure CSS framework by Yahoo, converted to Sass and ready to use in Sass powered applications pure grid buttons forms navigation menu tables ui responsive rubysamurai 0
zui A pattern library used to create Zource applications. ui responsive pattern ux zource 0
sass-resolution Sass mixin to target high density screens. sass resolution retina responsive pierreburel 0
Shevy Microlibrary for perfect typography and vertical rhythm. scss typography mixins responsive design kyleshevlin 0