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SassyIteratorsGenerators Iterators and generators implementation in Sass. sass scss iterator iterators generator generators HugoGiraudel 8
SassyGradients A powerful wrapper to handle CSS gradients in Sass. sass gradient gradients css scss HugoGiraudel 16
SassyLogger A powerful logger to handle error and warning messages in Sass. sass scss log error warning css HugoGiraudel 6
sass-convert Node.js bindings to sass-convert sass scss css convertion node SassDoc 0
sass-gridlines A Sass mixin that generates grid backgrounds with ease. sass grid background cesarfigueroa 1
Neat A lightweight, semantic grid framework built with Bourbon bourbon columns grid layout media media-queries neat queries sass scss semantic thoughtbot 2841
front-end-template Starter front-end template using Gulp, Sass, Foundation and modular JavaScript sass mvcss gulp browserify foundation tjFogarty 1
monkee-mixins Just a simple collection of useful SASS mixins and functions from Monkee-Boy. sass mixins functions css monkeeboy Monkee-Boy 6
applepie Semantic and Modular SASS toolkit ui sass modular framework semantic railsware 245
Easy Sprites Easy spriting with Sass & Compass sprite spriting compass sass paulgabronis 17
Carousel.sass Simple Carousel Pure CSS Using Sass ui carousel sliders sass dangvanthanh 0
sass-mediaqueries Media Queries mixins for Sass - fully customizable and very easy to use. Great extension for compass or bourbon. media-queries media queries responsive rwd mixins sass scss compass bourbon paranoida 831
Sassy Starter A starter toolkit based on Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS (SMACSS) for Sass (SCSS) projects. Do what you'd like with it :) sass starter kit boilerplate mixin library grunt smacss minamarkham 228
Flexy A simple Flexbox layout extension for Compass. sass compass flexbox layout Guilh 8
Graphite Graphite allows you to import fonts into a syntax similar to Google Fonts. Quick and simple. fonts font typography sass ruby import importer ezekg 13
SassyBitwise Bitwise operators in Sass. sass bitwise operators HugoGiraudel 10
SassyExport SassyExport is a lightweight Sass extension that allows you to export an encoded Sass map into an external JSON file. json sass ruby export ezekg 10
sass-sprite-retina-mixins Retina Icons Sprite - Sass Mixins is generator tool for for front-end developers to easily integrate Retina Icons in your website sass mixins retina icon sprite themestent 15
Titon Toolkit A collection of extensible front-end UI components and behaviors for the responsive and mobile web. titon toolkit css sass scss jquery javascript ui interface framework bootstrap modular component responsive fluid mobile behavior titon 922
Entity A Sass function that will output properly encoded entities sass entity entities function jeremy-green 4