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Quotation Marks I18n quotation marks for Sass quotation marks typography i18n hagenburger 53
sass-baseline-rhythm Sass mixins for creating a harmonious vertical rhythm sass baseline grid baseline rhythm vertical rhythm typography fmal 7
Luigi Luigi is the Scss library developed by the developers at Bozboz and the rest of the world. It takes influence from the most popular of libraries and includes most of the popular mixins, plus some extra Bozboz crafted ones layout css3 typography sticky footer grid responsive bozboz 29
Typesettings A Sass toolkit that sets type in Ems based on modular scale, vertical rhythm, and responsive ratio based headlines. type vertical rhythm modular scale typography ianrose 218
amie A SASS Mixin Grid System responsive grid-system vertical-rhythm typography jordantrainor 3
Garnish Garnish for your Sassy CSS cocktails. Use it on top of Bourbon, or have it raw. helpers layout style typography paulozoom 40
compass-pattern-primer Create Style Guides in HTML and CSS with Sass & Compass: based on Pattern Primer by Adactio/Jeremy Keith design ui buttons typography design-in-browser style-guide alienresident 10
Scut A collection of Sass utilities to ease and improve our implementations of common style-code patterns. Available on its own or as a Compass extension. utilities library mixins placeholders typography layout ui dry code-quality compass davidtheclark 563
Normalize-scss This is the Sass/Compass version of Normalize.css, a collection of HTML element and attribute rulesets to normalize styles across all browsers. This port aims to use the best partials from Compass to make Normalize even easier to integrate with your website. normalize reset typography design ui JohnAlbin 733
responsive-modular-scale A responsive adaptation of the Sass team's modular-scale extension. design ui typography responsive-web-design gakimball 29