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Name Description Tags Author Stars
log.scss Tiny logging library for Sass. utility logging mrtnpwn 0
sass-lilo Small sass framework to share common styles between css modules. Sass CSS stylesheets DRY mixins components modular utility yoannisj 0
Sassdash The Sass implementation of lodash. A large collection of thoroughly-tested utility functions. utility toolkit tools function functions maps lists davidkpiano 121
sassy-border Sass border shorthand mixin utility helper css scss sass Skoks 0
sassy-validation SASS data type validation library utility helper validation data SassySuit 1
sassy-exists Micro library for existance checks utility helper SassySuit 0
mussarela An useful and simple set of SASS mixins! mixins helpers utility filipelinhares 1
patterns General styling patterns in SASS. Provides utility mixins for spacing, alignment and cleanup. utility starter abstraction patterns s12chung 2